In search of harmonium lessons?

  Here's three great online resources for learning kirtan on harmonium.


Bhakti Breakfast Club

      Music classes for kirtan lovers

The Bhakti Breakfast Club is a library of instructional videos on all things kirtan. There are harmonium lesson videos, kirtan song videos, kirtan lyric videos, and lots more. Taught by Daniel Tucker and other kirtan music teachers. Each month more harmonium tutorial videos and other music class videos are added to the Bhakti Breakfast Club library.

Kirtan Central

      Learn harmonium, Sing kirtan, Love life!

Kirtan Central produces high-quality educational resources for the chant community. This includes instructional books and DVDs like "Learn to Play Harmonium," "Krishna Das Breath of the Heart songbook," and "Krazy for Kartals," as well as articles and videos posted regularly at presenting interviews with kirtan leaders, historic kirtan footage, tips on how to play harmonium, and more.

Daniel Tucker

      The blog of Kirtan Central founder Daniel Tucker.

Daniel Tucker is a passionate kirtan leader, pioneering kirtan music educator, and the founder of Kirtan Central. He teaches beginning harmonium as part of Jai Uttal's Kirtan Camps, and holds Harmonium Intensive Weekends at the Kripalu Yoga Center. He also has created a comprehensive and easy-to-use "Learn to Play Harmonium" book/DVD self-study course, and has teamed up with Krishna Das to create a songbook for Krishna Das' album Breath of the Heart.

learn to play harmonium at Kirtan Central learn harmonium with Daniel Tucker learn harmonium with Daniel Tucker